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Tritensil U.S.A. - B86DEI1QS

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  • The longest eating utensil in the market when extended (Full 10.5”)

  • Reinforced, chisel shaped fork tines will punch through a raw carrot. Serrated knife easily cuts steak

  • Large volume spoon bowl (1 tbsp)

  • Made from proprietary food grade, RoHS compliant polymer that is 100% BPA, BPS and BPF free

  • Lifetime Warranty. Made in Reno, NV. USA

  • The Tritensil is a full capability fork, spoon and knife designed from a two piece set. The Patented interlocking handles provide a solid nesting configuration for storage which keeps the two Tritensil pieces snuggly secured to each other, minimizing the chance of loss and unwanted noise. Reconfiguring to an extended fork or spoon is simple and intuitive for those times that you might find yourself eating out of a pouch. The majority of Tritensil owners have found that the Tritensil is not just great for the outdoors but for everyday use when away from home. With an estimated 29 million tons of plastic dumped into America’s waterways and landfills each year, Tritensil owners will never need to use disposable plastic utensils again!

    Tritensil U.S.A. - B86DEI1QS

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